July 2016 The Independent, Great Britain

New research suggests E-cigarettes emit harmful chemicals.

Researchers found as e-cigarettes get hotter the more toxic emissions they give off

E-cigarettes emit harmful chemicals with some models releasing more than others, according to a recent study. Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California found the disintegration of two solvents present in almost every e-liquid – the substance vaporised in e-cigarettes – leads to the emission of toxic chemicals, including acrolein - a severe eye and respiratory irritant – and formaldehyde – a cause of coughing, wheezing and nausea. 
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Thank you for an interesting article. E-cigarettes are often perceived as being both a "healthy" alternative to smoking cigarettes and a new, effective way to stop stop smoking. So many smokers perhaps feel they can now smoke e-cigarettes without the dangers of tobacco. Studies like the one in the article tell us,that we there is much we don't yet know about E-cigarettes and vaping. If some smokers can quit smoking via a transition to e-cigarettes before quitting them too, then of course that is better than smoking cigarettes. In our general opinion however getting nicotine from e-cigarettes instead of from cigarettes is sort of like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Nicotine is addictive and does not have any beneficial qualities, so it's simply better to quit completely. Another issue with e-cigarettes and vaping is that some young people are apparently starting to smoke e-cigarettes because they still thing smoking is "cool" and e-cigarettes are perceived to be safer than tobacco. But later in life, they might switch to cigarettes, so e-cigarettes could be a way into smoking. In our opinion is that smoking E-cigarettes or vaping should be avoided. Read our Quit Smoking book called "Stepbac® from Smoking" to find out how we can teach smokers the Stepbac® meothod to quit cold turkey, without the need for any type of nicotine replacement products or therapy. it's an easy read, with over 40 illustrations and available on Amazon for less than five pounds.

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