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At the moment we do not have any free Stepbac books for download.

We are very proud to have offered Stepbac from Overeating free for everyone in 2020 during the worst period of the Covid-19 pandemic to help combat weight gain during lockdown.

Thousands of free books were downloaded in 2020 from our website, and other platforms during the time when Stepbac from Overeating was available as a free download.

Because the Covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end, we no longer offer Stepbac from Overeating free

However if you are a front line health worker and would like a free copy of the ebook Stepbac from Overeating 

We look forward to hearing from you

Stay safe!

To help support our free book donations to health care workers, you are welcome to buy an ebook or paperback edition of Stepbac from Overeating and learn how to change overeating and snacking habits and how to take back control to stay at a healthy and natural weight.

Stepbac from Overeating explains four main things that make you want to overeat then teaches you one thing, the Stepbac® action, to help you take a “Stepbac“ to a more natural body weight.

Stepbac from Overeating is available in an inexpensive ebook edition or a low cost price paperback edition.  

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