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Quit smoking in 2024. Free tips about the best way to stop smoking in January 2023. Use the Stepbac method to make your stop smoking 2024 New Year's resolution come a reality. It's easy - when you know how.

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Do you want to feel better for the rest of your life? Do you want to give up smoking and not miss it even once?

Do you want to quit smoking without gainng weight?

Do you want to quit smoking without discomfort or pain?

Stepbac from Smoking. All of the above can be done - and it's simple and painless, but.. you need to read a few pages of our book first. It's not magic, but it might feel like it later.

What's the secret? It's is magic. No secret and it's not magic.

You can do all the above and finally give up smoking as your New Year's Resolution for January using the Stepbac method

The Stepbac method to give up smoking is natural way to quit without patches, gum or vaping. 

These stop smoking tips are from the creators of the Stepbac method who are also writers of the popular quit-smoking book titled 'Stepbac from Smoking.'

Stepbac is a simple and practical method that explains the science of smoking - and teaches a simple method to take a Stepbac from Smoking and become a non-smoker.

Use these simple stop smoking tips for your New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking for ever - by yourself - and without any treatments or nicotine replacement products!

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult New Year's resolutions to keep, so first let's take a closer look at what New Years Resolutions are - and why they often fail.

Then we will tell you how to give up the smoking habit.

Updated January 1st 2024
What is a New Year's Resolution?

A resolution is defined as a “firm decision to do something - or not to do something”.

A New Year resolution is usually a decision that one hopes will be "life-changing".

When you make a resolution, you "resolve" to do something. In other words, you decide to do it. 

Many New Years resolutions are about starting a starting or stopping a lifestyle habit in order to make a major lifestyle improvement.

Why make resolutions at New Year?

We make resolutions in January because it's convenient. It's easy to count the days, weeks, months from a starting date of January 1st.

January is also the first day of a new year. New year - New life! We like to think that it could be the first day of a new life that will be completely changed by resolutions.

That's why New Year feels like the good time for a firm decision to start a better and healthier life. 

How many people make New Year resolutions?

Studies indicate that around half the population in the Western world make some kind of "New Year's Resolution". Some make just one and others make a little list.

Which NY resolutions work best?

It depends on the person and the resolution. Some resolutions are easier to accomplish than others. Here are some examples of NY resolutions that should be easy to accomplish.

'Visit my parents more often.' That should be achieveable, especially if you live in the same area.

'Call my parents more often.' That sounds very achieveable for most of us.

'Start saving up for a new outfit.' Also sounds achievable because no amount or time limit was specified in that resolution, so even if you only save up 20 dollars in 12 months you will have accomplished the resolution of starting to save up. 

'Look around for a new job.' Definately an achievable resolution because it's vague and without fixed deadlines.

These are all examples of good New Year's resolutions because they are small resolutions that are easily achievable.

What are the most popular NY resolutions?

Most New Year resolutions are about self-improvement and better health. Not many people would make a serious resolution to smoke more or do other things that are bad for them.

The most popular New Year's resolution of all time is a general resolution that goes something like 'make the most of life' - or 'live a fuller life.'

This is not really a resolution, but more of an sentiment - almost a wish, because it has no concrete plan or specific content.

Smoking is one of the toughest New Year's resolutions

A popular NY resolution for smokers is to stop smoking. This is considered by many to be one of the toughest New Year resolution of all.

It is tough because many smokers just make the resolution/wish but don't make the plan. 

A wishful resolution without a plan is like a party ice sculpture. Beautiful in the evening but gone in the morning.

In the same way a wishful resolution will quickly dissolve without a plan. Many New Year's resolutions to give up smoking will fail by the end of January.

Then what? Usually after a few years of failing New Year Resolutions, many people make one last resolution to stop making resolutions! To stop taking it seriously.

People give up up on New Year resolutions altogether. Instead of giving up smoking - they give up on resolutions. By doing so they join the population half who donçt make New Year's resolutions.

That's a shame in our opinion. New Year's resolution can easily work with some planning. January is a fine time to make a big change in one's life.

That said, with a good plan you can quit smoking any day of the year, but on this page we are talking about New Year's resolutions so let's focus on how to quit smoking at New Year.

How to make a quit smoking NY Resolution work

A resolution can easily be achieved with the proper planning. Smokers need to understand and prepare a few things to make a quit smoking resolution work.

First you need a good understanding of how your smoking addiction works.

Then you need a good method to quit smoking. For most people just making a resolution is not enough. A decision is not enough. A wish is not enough. Willpower is not enough.

Why not? Because smoking is an addiction. Most people cannot decide to stop smoking only using willpower.

A very few fortunate people might be able to, but most people can't. If it were that easy to stop smoking, then everyone would just stop smoking from one moment to the next.

Popstar David Bowie once said that he found it more difficult to quit smoking that to quit any other drugs.

It's not easy to quit using willpower along because smoking is a drug dependency on the drug nicotine in cigarettes and a collection of smoking habits. 

It's easy to decide to quit but the nicotine creates 'withdrawal symptoms' in your brain which also work with habits and cravings to resist and fight your decision to quit 

This means it takes more than just making a 'New Year's resolution' to stop smoking. You have to understand how to fight the nicotine drug dependency. 
You have to prepare and you need a good plan and a good understanding of the challenge to quit.

In other words you need to learn how to quit smoking before you actually quit smoking. 

Most New Year's resolutions to quit smoking fail because of a lack of understanding about the power of nicotine addiction, the strong cravings to smoke and the many daily smoking habits.
It's easy to start smoking. Anyone can start smoking. Anyone can become addicted to nicotine.

To stop smoking and quit the nicotine addiction, you need to understand how to change smoking habits into non-smoking habits - and how to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and kill cravings. 

When you have that information, then It's easy to quit and you will never look back. If you have a method that teaches you how to fight the addiction and change your smoking habits, then you can quit any day you want. New Year's day or any other day.

What about willpower?

Willpower means doing someone using the power of will alone. The force of your will. If you want it enough you can do it. That's willpower. But willpower can be short-lived without a plan.

For many smokers willpower by itself not enough to quit smoking because of the nicotine drug in cigarettes.

What is willpower?

How do you power your will? Where is the power coming from to strenghen your will?

We can use willpower to make decisions. Our usual willpower works very well for decisions about change that is unrelated to addiction.

'I will never watch another Woody Allen movie again'.

You can make that decision using your normal level of willpower, because no-one is addicted to a movie. If you were addicted to a movie you would watch the exact same movie many times a day for the rest of your life - like a smoking addiction.

Smoking is an addiction. Many smokers try to use their normal level of willpower to decide to quit smoking. It does not work.

You need to strengthen and prepare your will for beat the drug nicotine. Nicotine is the drug that forces you to smoke. 

You need to power your will more than usual to fight nictotine. You have to pump it up and get it ready to fight an addiction. 

How to strengthen your willpower

The way to pump up your willpower is to give your will the power of information. Information is the power which makes your willpower stronger. A stronger willpower combined with a simple method like the  Stepbac method can beat the nicotine addiction in a few days.

If you learn the Stepbac information about how to quit smoking and how exactly to change smoking habits, then you will have strong willpower to fight the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the smoking cravings.

Using the Stepbac information you can then use the Stepbac action to change your daily smoking habits.

When you have the information and the action from the Stepbac method – then it’s easy to quit smoking cold turkey. 

What is the Stepbac®method

So what is the information you need? I could tell you now, but to be honest it would fill a book. It's not something that can be easily be explained in a blog post.

That’s why we wrote a book about quitting smoking called Stepbac from Smoking.

Stepbac is a method to quit smoking cold turkey.

Stepbac from Smoking teaches you in a easy-to-read clear step-by-step way how the Stepbac method to quit smoking works.

You can find all the powerful information you need to plan your January 2019 New Year Resolution to stop smoking once and for all in our book. 

Easy, Fast and Fun to read!

'Stepbac from Smoking' is easy to read and understand. It has over 40 illustrations and costs the same as a few packs of cigarettes so it won't bankrupt you to read it.

It takes a couple of hours to read. Even teenagers have read it and enjoyed it and found it easy to follow. 

On Kindle or in paperback

"Stepbac from Smoking"
 is available on Amazon 

You can buy it in paperback or as a Kindle e-book to read on your kindle, tablet or smartphone.

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