Stepbac from Smartphones - Quit cell phone addiction and FOMO

how to stop phone addiction - the Stepbac method - learn to control your phone better.

“Stepbac from Smartphones” helps people to take back control of their smartphone and stop cell phone addiction.

The lastest in the series of popular Stepbac books, explains in plain and clear language why and how smartphone and app-makers trick people into wasting so much on their smartphone.

It then teaches the Stepbac method to change smartphone addiction habits to take back control of your time, your mind and your life.


Beat phone addiction - a simple step
Use Stepbac to stop phone addiction today

It's very easy to cut down your social media and smartphone overuse, when you understand how change the habits that the cell phones have created.

Using the Stepbac method, you can use your smartphone as a useful tool to make life better - and not as a useless distraction that makes life harder.

Order this book today and spend your life looking at your family and your surroundings - and not your phone!

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