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News January 2022
Crowdfunding! Stepbac will be crowdfunding on Indiegogo in February 2022! Please fund us to support the project and get exclusive perks! Link coming soon.

News May 2021
Online courses. Stepbac launches online courses. Stepbac readers can now sign up for low cost online Stepbac courses . Choose between introduction courses and booster courses. Our introduction course is a 1 hour online course to prepare the reader before reading a Stepbac book. Our booster course is a 1 hour online support course after a Stepbac book and we've also launched a course to introduce the Stepbac method along with a weekly free Q&A sessions for Stepbac readers.

News September 2020
New book! Stepbac is proud to publish our third book in September 2020. "Stepbac from Smartphones" explains how smartphone and mobile phone addiction is created and how habits and cravings can be changed using the Stepbac method

Easing of lockdown in Spain
Free at last. After seven weeks of stay-at-home confinement people in Spain were allowed out for an hour of exercise a day. Dog owners had been allowed to walk their dogs throughout the lockdown period, and from week six children were allowed out for an hour a day. Adults without pets or kids at home were last in line, among them Stepbac authors Carl and Peter, so you can imagine the joy that we and many others felt after being allowed out of the home after 7 weeks of only essential shopping trips. 

News April 2020
6th April 2020 announcment - free ebook to help support fight againest coronavirus. Stepbac gives away Stepbac from Overeating book. To help everyone in stay-at-home confinement around the world stay as healthy as possible and fight the spread of coronawaistline, we are pleased to announce that from 6th April 2020 our weight control book Stepbac from Overeating is available free to download as an ebook for ereaders and Kindle devices and apps. It can be downloaded fromour new free download page or free from Amazon in the .com region (not other Amazon regions where it is at lowest price possible). It can also be downloaded free on Barnes & Noble USA and Kobo The previous price was 14.99 USD. 

In other Amazon regions the ebook is available at the lowest possible price.. The paperback version is available from Amazon at non-profit price. Visit our download page for details of how to get your free edition of Stepbac from Overeating. Be safe - and take back control of your natural weight during stay-at-home confinement

Carl and Peter Williams, currently in week 4 or 6 week stay-at-home mandatory confinement in Barcelona, Spain

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