Smoking facts are mostly Doom and Gloom. We will not focus on the usual smoking facts in this article. 

If you use Google you will be able to find many gloomy smoking facts. Most of them are pretty grim reading with lots of very big numbers about how many people die from smoking and how many different ways they can do it. That won't help you quit smoking. What it will do is make you nervous and when smokers are nervous they reach for their cigarettes. 

There is no doubt that smoking is unhealthy. But knowing the facts don't help much and most experienced smokers know that it would be better for their health if they quit. So in this article let's look at some facts about your life after quitting cigarettes.

What is a fact is that your life will be easier when you quit smoking. Not just healthier but considerably easier. In the beginning you will notice an improvement in your health in many ways. You will probably sleep better, breathe better, smell more pleasant and also be able to taste food better. These are the instant benefits.

Over the long term you will probably take these changes for granted and sort of forget how your old unhealthy life was as a smoker. And actually that's one of the best things if you quit using a method like Stepbac®. After a while you will simply forget you ever smoked. You will feel like you never smoked. You will be a non-smoker not an ex-smoker. And there is a difference. 

As an ex-smoker you will find it hard to believe all the little things you used to do as a smoker. Like buying extra packs to make sure you did not run out at parties. Siting through ashtrays to smoke a butt in the morning if you had none left. Begging cigarettes off strangers. Getting up in the middle of the night to buy cigarettes. And so on. 

All that hassle and stress goes away when you are a non-smoker. People who smoke generally think it relieves stress but actually it is very stressful being a smoker. Running out of cigarettes, or not being able to smoke for hours, or getting dirty looks when your smoke blows into someones face and so on. When you are a non-smoker all those little hassles that smokers live with all time just disappear. These are the facts you should focus on. Life can have many problems, but smoking does not solve them. Smoking is one of the problems. The only fact you need to know is that Quitting Smoking is one big problem less in your life.


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