“I quit but I miss smoking so much”. Help me please! Missing smoking is something many ex-smokers seem to experience. Maybe we can help!

Do you miss smoking? You you still suffer from cravings to smoke. We can help. There is a way to stop smoking cravings. The people who miss smoking the most seem to be those who quit smoking cold turkey using willpower only and those who quit by replacing the nicotine hit they used to get from cigarettes with a nicotine hit from other products that could be e-cigarettes, nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

It’s awful that some ex-smokers seems to miss smoking so much. I can imagine how they feel. I tried quitting a few times using willpower along and I remember how it felt. But I cannot imagine having that feeling months or years after quitting. A 'limbo' like state of having quit smoking, but still suffering from the addition, must a terrible place get stuck in and it’s no way to live to be honest.

You’ve quit, but you still feel the pangs and cravings of a smoker, but you never get the relief of lighting up. So you miss smoking, but you refuse to give in and light a cigarette. That is no fun!

You need some help to get through it all. We can help. Many people go to Google and just type “Help! I miss smoking! or 'How to stop missing smoking' and hopefully some of you will find our website and our method to quit smoking because we can help you. We can help you by introducing you to the Stepbac® method to quit smoking. I am pretty sure we can help you stop missing smoking.

First of all let me say, well done you!  Well done, for not caving in and lighting a cigarette. And that I am confident we can help you in a simple way. In our opinion at Stepbac® this condition of missing smoking long after you have quit, happens because you never had all the information about how smoking affects your brain.

You quit cold turkey without any information, so this means you have an abundance of willpower but you didn’t have and still don’t have the right tools to fix the damage that nicotine and cigarettes left behind in your brain. The tools you are lacking are information tools.

To stop missing smoking you need to understand what it is that makes you miss smoking and how smoking and nicotine have done to your brain and your habits.

If you quit only using willpower and without the right knowledge, then I am sorry to tell you that many of the old smoking triggers and habits from nicotine are still in your brain and they are still working against you to trick you into lighting another cigarette.

Most importantly you still believe that there is an actual benefit or enjoyment from smoking. I can’t give you a quick answer or solution to this but sincerely please if you want help with this to be able to stop missing smoking then buy our book. It’s a quick and easy read and we know that it has helped ex-smokers to understand how they were tricked by cigarettes into many things.

The book helps you to understand all this is a very simple way with 40 illustrations. Then you will not miss cigarettes in the same way because you will understand that they don’t give you pleasure or help you relax, or help you concentrate. We tell you in the “Stepbac® from Smoking” book how cigarettes don’t have any real benefits or fix any problems. Cigarettes create problems. So believe me, for the less than 5 Euros that “Stepbac® from Smoking” costs, I think it is worth a try.

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DISCLAIMER. Individual quit smoking results may vary

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