The Stepbac® smoking cessation method is a modern and unique method to quit smoking that uses recent research and new thinking and methods to effectively teach smokers how to quit smoking

The Stepbac® smoking method was developed by a team of ex-smokers based on their own experiences and current research after discovering that recent studies of smoking and nicotine addiction research are often rarely used in conventional smoking cessation methods.
The most common used smoking cessation methods have changed little in decades and many were developed 20 or 30 years ago based on the limited or even erroneous knowledge that was available back then.

The Stepbac® smoking cessation method takes advantage of the latest research to effectively teach smokers how to quit smoking and other addictions. The Stepbac® Quit Smoking seminar is a 5 hour session with after support designed to help smokers to understand the reasons why they smoke and teaching them how to stop smoking.

Stepbac® Quit Smoking sessions incorporate information that explains in a clear, informative and interesting way how a smoker's life has been hijacked by cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine. Stepbac® teaches smokers how to take back control of their lives and how to step back to the day before they started smoking using information and practical techniques.

Stepbac® was developed and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain where most of our smoking cessation courses and franchise training takes place.


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