Hi, Carl here

I was driving recently in the Pyrenees mountains with some American friends. When we got to the hairpin turns of the mountain passes our conversation soon turned to my car's stick shift gears and how annoying they thought that must be for me. But it isn't. It's just a habit.

My friends noticed that I was continually changing gears in the mountains. My car has 6 gears, so there are plenty to choose from and my friends found that "like SOOOO irritating"  because I would change gears several times a minute adjusting to the gradient of the road and to get round the many tight hairpin bends.

I was surprised by their comments however, because until they mentioned it, I hadn't given it a thought. I explained to them that for me driving a stick-shift car is just habit. Once you have learned that particular habit you don't think about it. You just drive, talk to your passengers and enjoy the views without any idea of what gear you might be in. Changing gears is being taken care of by your "changing gear habit" stored in your brain.

It struck me that this might be a good way to help explain habits to European smokers, who mostly drive using a stick shift. Many smokers worry that they will missing smoking for the rest of their life. That won't be the case, if they stop smoking after reading our “Stepbac® from Smoking” book. What our method does is to help them stop smoking by creating new non-smoking habits. When the new non-.smoking habit is working, then they won't think about it - just like I don't think about when I change gears. This means you don't miss the smoking or suffer. You just don't think about it. Some people even almost forget they used to smoke. The smoking habits have gone and been replaced by new non-smoking habits.

Imagine if I had spent all day in the mountains concentrating on each gear shift. I would not have been able to enjoy my day or talk to my friends because I would be too busy concentrating. And I would have needed a weeks holiday afterwards because I would have been exhausted.  People, who try to stop smoking without the right information will often spend hours every day thinking about smoking and missing it and feeling miserable. This is because they have not learnt how to change their smoking habits to new non-smoking habits. Which is what we teach you in the Stepbac® method

When you have learned new non-smoking habits to replace the old smoking habits, that is when you can really enjoy your life again - and enjoy drive on winding mountain roads!

All for now

Best Carl


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