Hi, Carl here

My daughter is seventeen and she doesn't smoke. I like to think it's because I've been telling her since she was little, how unhealthy cigarettes are and how just one single puff could have grave consequences.

I always told her that if she ever wanted to try a cigarette, she should understand that a few puffs might be enough to get her hooked on smoking for many years. So if a friend ever offered or asked if she wanted to try a little taste of a cigarette to see what it was like, then she should first think about whether she really wanted to risk being a smoker for many years - or whether it would be easier just to say "no thanks, I don't smoke".

If you ask me, that is why she doesn't smoke today. But of course, it might also be because she didn't feel the urge to try or that she is simply a very smart 17 year old!

She still doesn't smoke so when she told me the other day that she had bought our new book "Stepbac® from Smoking" and was reading it on her kindle. I was a bit surprised. My first thought was "WHAT? Does she smoke?! Prepare for the Hellfire and Brimstone Daddy-Daughter sermon!"  But with teenagers you are always best off not voicing the first thought and saying, "Oh really?" Luckily she had not been smoking. She just wanted to read this new book that her father and uncle had written to see what it was like. I braced myself for the worst review ever. What would my 17 year old social media savvy teenage daughter think of a book written by her ancient father about something she doesn't even do?

Surprise surprise!  She loved it!  Not only did she find it very interesting and entertaining to read, but she felt convinced that she had made the right decision not to smoke. She also felt that with the knowledge in the "Stepbac® from Smoking" book, she was sure that she would never consider smoking in future!. Nice! She also said that she would be happy to recommend it to any of her smoking friends at school if they ever asked around for advice about quitting. I said does this mean you are going to Stepbac® from being on your Iphone all day too! Fat chance! Little does she know we might write a "Stepbac® from Social media" very soon and it could be coming as a Christmas present near her!

Anyway, I told brother Peter about my conversation with her and we agreed that was a great response and maybe we should consider a Stepbac® book specifically for young smokers, or a book that help parents try to keep their children from starting. In the meantime "Stepbac® from Smoking" is available on Amazon for a Christmas present near you. (good luck getting your teenager to read it) and might help prevent your teenager from smoking. 

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Best Carl


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