“Stepbac® from Smoking” is a new book that helps people quit smoking cold turkey based on the new Stepbac® method.

Perhaps you are wondering why we choose not to show pictures of diseased lungs, broken cigarettes and overflowing ashtrays on Stepbac website?

In 2018 Stepbac® will launch licensed training packages for health and wellness coaches or therapists world-wide who wish to teach the “Stepbac® from Smoking” 5 hours course based on the "Stepbac® from Smoking" book. "Stepbac® from Smoking" book will be available in Spanish, French, Italian and German among other languages in 2018. In early 2018 Stepbac® will publish more titles in the Stepbac® Self Help Series or books.

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Answers to the frequent questions about Stepbac® from Smoking book 

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Is the Stepbac® from Smoking book be available in other languages?
Yes. We have plans to publish it in Spanish in 2016 and other major European languages in 2018

Can I order a print version of the Stepbac® from Smoking book?
Yes. We are preparing the print version of Stepbac® from Smoking book which will be available to order on Amazon

Will there be Quit Smoking courses based on the  Stepbac® from Smoking Book?
Yes. We have plans to offer 5 hour quit smoking courses based on the Stepbac® from Smoking book in 2018. The first seminars will take place in Barcelona, Spain. 

Will there be Quit Smoking courses based on the Stepbac® from Smoking Book?
Yes. We have plans to offer 2 day residential quit smoking retreats in Barcelona based on the Stepbac® from Smoking book in 2018.

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