How to quit smoking the second time?

How to quit smoking the second time?

Thanks for visiting this webpage, Stepbac® is the website of the Stepbac® method and a simple method called 'Stepbac® from Smoking.' If you have tried to stop smoking and failed or even tried and succeeded but had a relapse, then quitting the second time will be easier in our opinion but you need to plan it perhaps a little better.

How did you quit the first time? By using willpower? Or a method of some kind. Many smokers quit using willpower and they quit using the 'cold turkey' method. That is fine. We think cold turkey is the best way too. But to successfully quit cold turkey, one needs to understand how the nicotine affects your brain, how habits can be broken and how to kill cravings. When you have that information then you will have a much better chance of quitting smoking the second time. 

All the information you need along with a simple and natural way to quit is described in our book Stepbac® from Smoking which is an easy read with illustrations and diagrams. It tell you the science you need to stop in a simple and fun way. 

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Buy "Stepbac® from Smoking" on Amazon