How to stop teenagers from starting smoking? Tips for parents with teens

Many kids will try smoking. That's just a fact. 9 out of 10 cigarette smokers first tried smoking by age 18. 99% tried smoking by age 26. These are facts. So how can you as a parent stop your kids from smoking.

The first and most important tip, in our opinion, is not to be a parent, who smokes. If you smoke, then telling your teenage kids that smoking is bad for them and they should never smoke will not work. Because the kids can see that adults are allowed to smoke, while children are not. And the one thing teenagers want to be more than anything else, is an adult!

Also you are implying, that when your children become adults, then they can make their own lifestyle choices and therefore choose to smoke. This is not a good message either. The message should be that neither adults nor children should be allowed to smoke because smoking is an addiction and not a lifestyle choice. So to have any chance of stopping your kids from smoking, then the first thing you should do as a parent is not be a smoker. You should not be a social smoker, or vaper, or party smoker either. You must be a non-smoker.

The implication that starting and stopping smoking is a lifestyle choice is wrong. As we explain in our book  “Stepbac® from Smoking” people have an easy choice to start smoking, but they do not have the same easy choice to quit smoking. Smoking is a nicotine addiction and a series of smoking habits.

Children learn from their parents and they emulate their parents and other role model adults. One of the main reasons children start smoking is because they want to be adult and appear adult. So when their parents or other family members smoke, or when teen idols smoke, then children think that when they smoke they are adults.

So when smoker parents use the "do as I say and not as I do" is doomed to failure and often children of smokers are lured into smoking themselves. Not least because they have also have easy access to stealing a couple of cigarettes from family members who smoke. Most young smokers start this way. 

To stop children from smoking parents should first quit smoking themselves and then educate their children about nicotine and cigarette smoking and the enormous implications smoking can have on the lives of their children. 

And even if you don't smoke then it's still a great idea to educate yourself as a parent about smoking and then pass on the information to your children.

We won't go into more detail in this blog article but for less than 5 euros or dollars you can buy our ebook or paperback “Stepbac® from Smoking” which explains how to quit smoking. With this information parents can explain why smoking is not a choice, as many people think, but an addiction which should be avoided.

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Buy Quit Smoking book "Stepbac® from Smoking" on Amazon