How to help someone quit smoking? Here's an idea.

Give them a Certified Signed Edition of our paperback book “Stepbac® from Smoking” with a personal message from the authors as a special gift to someone you care for, who is a smoker.

A Certified Signed Edition of “Stepbac® from Smoking” has the signature and a personal message from both authors H.C. Williams and P.F. Williams. It will be stamped and numbered and have the date of signing.

It can also include a short personal message from you written by the authors.

As we mention in the introduction chapter of our book “Stepbac® from Smoking,” the “Stepbac® method to quit smoking will only work if the person reading the book actually wants to quit smoking.

So just giving them a book, even a signed book with a special message of love, may not help, because it they did not ask for it or have not indicate that they want to quit smoking, then they won't do it just because someone else wants them to. 

But, that said, maybe, just maybe if you buy a signed edition of the book and it has a personal message of your own and the signature of both the authors, then we think that this quite a special and unique gift which just might make the recipient of the gift realise, that you did something very special for them and which shows how much you care for them and how much your hope that their life, and perhaps your life too, will improve if they stop smoking.


And that might be enough to make them quit smoking. It might be worth a try.

A Certified Signed Edition by the authors costs just 25 euros excluding shipping.

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