Why is smoking on the rise?

Why is smoking on the rise? Why are more people smoking again?

Young people are starting to smoke again. There appears to be a rise in young people smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes - vaping.

The reason is that there are few anti-smoking campaigns and the younger generations are less aware of the dangers of smoking or vaping and the ways it can affect their life and health.

The tobacco industry still work hard to attract new smokers and smoking has become "cool" again among teenagers and young adults.

They might be smoking less than previous generations because cigarettes are more expensive and there are fewer places where smoking is permitted

This doesn't make it acceptable to smoke. On the contrary, they make smoking much worse becuase smokers have to fight nicotine cravings much more because they need to wait longer between smokes 

Just a few decades ago one could smoke almost anywhere - even in hospitals!

New smokers should know this. Quitting smoking is just as hard for a person who smokes only a few cigarettes a day as it is for a person who smokes many cigarettes

So don't think that just smoking a few will make it easier to quit completely.

We know a few people who "don't smoke."  Except they do and they can't seem to quit. 

In our book "Stepbac® from Smoking" you can learn how to quit. It takes the 2 hours you will need to read it.

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Stepbac® from Smoking is easy to understand with many diagrams and illustrations to make the science super simple.

You will find our how nicotine hijacks your brain and how smoking is a big scam because it does not help you or benefit your life in any way.

Then we teach you how to quit using the Stepbac method.

Try it yourself.

If you want to help others quit read our articles about how to help teens not smoke and how to help someone quit smoking.

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