How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey. Best way to Stop smoking.

How to quit smoking Cold Turkey. Best way to stop smoking in New Year 2020 is Stepbac method.

Updated June 2020
The best way, in our opinion, to stop smoking is quitting cold turkey which means using your willpower to just stop smoking rather than switching to vaping or other forms of nicotine.

But don't do it without preparing. Stepbac is a way to boost your willpower so you know how to quit "cold turkey".

Many people think cold turkey is hard but actually it's easy to stop smoking cold turkey with a little help from the Stepbac® method.

Quitting smoking using your willpower is the best way to give up smoking. But, your willpower needs a boost.

Stepbac is a way to prepare your willpower to give it the strength and knowledge to beat nicotine addiction and easily win the battle over tobacco.

It is entirely possible to quit smoking on your own using willpower - and without missing cigarettes, without gaining weight and without any treatments, vaping or other nicotine replacement products.

It can be done using a simple way called the Stepbac method.

On this page you can find some free advice and tips to stop smoking in a natural way from the creators of the Stepbac method which will help you to take back control of your health and well-being.

"Stepbac® from Smoking"

"Stepbac® from Smoking" teaches smokers a fast, simple and natural way to stop smoking by themselves without therapy treatments, vaping or other nicotine replacement products.

You can buy "Stepbac® from Smoking" on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle e-reader

When you have read the book - it takes a couple of hours - then you will know how to stop smoking by yourself using  Stepbac® method to quit smoking cold turkey.

Why choose "Stepbac® from Smoking"

We believe that "Stepbac® from Smoking" is a better way to stop smoking than using nicotine replacement, therapy or other treatments.
Stepbac® is a simple and natural method that teaches you how you can take a "Stepbac®" to the day before you started smoking.
It's a fun, fast and easy-to-read book with over 40 clear diagrams.

"Stepbac® from Smoking" explains the science of nicotine in a very simple way. 

This helps smokers understand the following key things: why you started smoking, why it's difficult to stop by yourself and how to quit smoking using a method so simple that anyone can understand and use it. 
When you have finished reading "Stepbac® from Smoking", then you will know how to stop smoking - and it will feel easy to give up smoking by yourself using your willpower.
Many smokers have given up smoking for good using the Stepbac® method and we are confident that it will work for you too! 
You might be thinking now - hey, I came to this page looking for free tips to stop smoking - not to be told about a book that I have to buy and read! I want a quick way to stop smoking. 

Well these are good tips and free and will help you stop smoking quickly.

The tips are from the writers of the Stepbac® books.

We are both ex-smokers - and we wrote a book about quitting smoking, so we know a thing or two about how to stop smoking.

The most important free tip that we can give you, is that there is no "quick fix" way anywhere on the internet to magically make you quit smoking.

Smoking is too complex an addiction to fix with a few tips off a random blog post.

90% of smokers can't stop smoking just by using a tip from a top ten list of free tips (unless one of the tips is to use the Stepbac® method).

Nicotine is a drug in cigarettes which makes smoking a drug dependency.

You need to understand how nicotine has tricked your brain to be able to "untrick" your brain 

You need to understand how nicotine has "hijacked" your brain to be able to "free" your brain.

You can learn this in the book "Stepbac® from Smoking".

 If someone didn't have a driving license do you think they could safely drive a car after reading a list of top 10 tips?

I hope you don't think so. Driving is too complex for that. There are many things to learn and understand.

It looks pretty easy when you see someone drive.

But it's not. You have to learn to drive.

It's the same with stopping smoking. You think you can just stop.

It sounds easy. But you can't. You have to learn how. 

Think about this; if you could just get a couple of tips online and then quit a few minutes later, then everyone could and would stop smoking because all smokers know that smoking is bad for our health.

But most smokers know it's just not that easy. 

That's because smoking is an addiction. So you need more than tips to stop smoking.

You need to understand why you smoke and how to quit.
So the free advice we want to give you is that you need to learn how to stop smoking.

You need to read the instruction manual for how to stop smoking.

Anyone can start smoking and you don't need instructions for that. That's easy!

But to stop smoking - and for good? That needs a instruction manual - a quit smoking manual.

We wrote the manual for you.

It's called "Stepbac® from Smoking". It's easy to quit smoking when you know how. To know how you have to learn how. You have to read "Stepbac® from Smoking".
"Stepbac® from Smoking" is easy to read, but it's too much to fit on a blog page.

It takes a little while to explain about nicotine and what nicotine does to your brain.

It takes a while to explain about smoking habits and cravings. About how you were tricked into smoking and how you can untrick yourself.

All this is too much for a blog post. It is easier to read in a book with clear diagrams and explanations. The books takes about 2 hours to read. It's fun and simple to understand.
The good news is, that we know that it will be much easier than you think to stop smoking if you read the book "Stepbac® from Smoking".
More good news. It won't take long to quit - if you read the book "Stepbac® from Smoking".

You might be able to read the book in as little as two hours using the Stepbac® method and if you are a fast reader. And when you have read the book you will know how to quit! 
Stepbac® from Smoking” is on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. It will shortly be available for other ereaders free
"Do I really have to read a whole book to be able to quit? Isn't there an easier and faster way?"

No, and reading “Stepbac® from Smoking” is an easy and fast way to quit because an instant way to effectively quit smoking simply does not exist.

Why is Stepbac® from Smoking the best book to quit smoking?

The Stepbac® method is the best way because Stepbac® from Smoking is an easy-to-read book - and it's fun and fast to read and it has over 40 clear illustrations. (If you go to Amazon you can have a look inside the book and download a free sample)

You will see that it is not just a short e-book with some general tips taken from the internet.

Stepbac® is a serious, yet simple method which explains the science of smoking in a simple step-by-step way.

It explains in a clear and 'easy to understand' way, why it is so hard to quit smoking by yourself.
First Stepbac® from Smoking helps you understand why you got hooked on smoking in the first place -  and why it is such a hard habit to quit.

Then Stepbac® from Smoking helps you to understand how you were tricked into a smoking addiction by habits and cravings created by the nicotine drug and by cigarette marketing. 
When you understand how cigarettes are tricking you,  then you will be able to quit for good, using a very simple Stepbac® action which will  change your smoking habits and kill the smoking cravings.

With the Stepbac® from Smoking method you will find it easy to stop smoking and never smoke again.
After using the Stepbac® from Smoking method in the book you will be a non-smoker and after a few weeks you will wonder why you ever bothered to smoke for so many years.

There are no extra products to buy, no follow-up products, no medication and no nicotine replacement accessories when you use the Stepbac® method. 
You learn to quit and you quit. That's it! You take a Stepbac® to the day before you started smoking

We are sure you will find it much easier to quit with the easy step-by-step explanations in the book and the Stepbac® method to quit. 
Others have done it and you can too. Give the Stepbac® method a chance and you have a much better chance of becoming a non-smoker for the rest of your life. 

After you read the book, which is fun and interesting to read too by the way - then you will be ready to give up smoking and you will know how to stop.
Anyone can stop when they know how - and it is easy to quit smoking - after you learn how.
Order the Stepbac® book today in paperback or on Kindle and you could be a non-smoker tomorrow

What will you learn in the book?

You will learn why you started smoking, why it is so tough to quit all by yourself - and how to quit without using cutting down gradually and without using nicotine gum, patches, vaping or other nicotine replacements.
If you have already tried nicotine gum, patches and vaping without success, or perhaps read other books without success,  then we think "Stepbac® from Smoking" book can help you. It explains very clearly about typical smoking habits and it explains in clear detail how you can change your existing smoking habits into a new non-smoking habit.
You might think you are the one who decides when you want to smoke, but in the book we show you clearly that smoking is just a collections of habits that we can help you change.
We show you how you were tricked into smoking and how your brain is being tricked by the nicotine from cigarettes into staying a smoker.

And we help you "untrick" your brain and then you will find it easier to quit smoking from day to day - in other words quit smoking "cold turkey"
Watch this short Youtube video below to look inside the book or read a free sample on Amazon on Kindle or in paperback
Stepbac® from Smoking” makes it easy to quit cold turkey for anyone who really wants to quit.

Try it today!
 You can order a free sample on Kindle or buy a paperback book on Amazon.

This is a small investment that could change your life.

To learn how to quit smoking cold turkey buy this book, now to learn how to take a Stepbac® to the day before you started smoking by quitting cold turkey and becoming a non-smoker. 

Stepbac® is a quit smoking method based on modern research 

Stepbac® from Smoking” is a new Quit Smoking book published in 2016 and already proving a success. We are confident that this will become the new leading book and method for quitting smoking in the 21st century.
The Stepbac® method is a new, simple way to quit smoking cold turkey with step-by-step explanations and over 40 illustrations to help you stop smoking cold turkey.

It is based on modern science but explained so that everyone can understand and use the science to help them quit.

It’s easy to quit smoking after you learn know how, and Stepbac® teaches you how to quit for good. “Stepbac® from Smoking” is based on modern and recent research and the personal experiences of ex-smokers.

After you learn the method there are no additional costs or products to buy. The book is easy, fast and fun, both to read and understand and the method is easy to use
 You can smoke while you read the book - if you want - and at the end of the book you will be told when to smoke your last cigarette and after that you will be a non-smoker.

After reading our book we think anyone can stop smoking using the new Stepbac® method.

"Stepbac®® from Smoking" is a natural way to quit smoking without gaining weight or without using pills, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, hypnosis or acupuncture or e-cigarettes.
Individual results may vary and Stepbac is cognitive behavioural method that requires some willpower from reader.

Please click on the link below to view the book in the Amazon Bookstore.

Buy Quit Smoking book "Stepbac® from Smoking" on Amazon
Buy Stepbac from Smoking

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Individual results may vary and Stepbac is cognitive behavioural method that requires some willpower from reader.

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