Our Top Tips to quit smoking as a New Year Resolution 2018. Inspiration for how to give up smoking in 2018.

In this blog post we want help smokers understand how to quit smoking and give some help and inspiration to everyone who wants to make give up smoking as a 2018 New Year Resolution.

First thing you need is a desire to quit. You have to want to give up smoking. Second, you must believe that you can quit smoking. If you want to quit and believe that you can quit, then we believe that you can give up smoking.

You can stop smoking any day of any month, but a new year is a good time a time as any to stop. The thing about a new year resolution is that you can start it any time during January. And if you quit in January I guess it's a little easier to count the months and years since you smoked.

And you won't be along. Millions of people make New Year Resolutions. In the USA alone it is estimated that 160 million Americans make a mental list or written list of New Year’s resolutions every January. For a smokers a recurring new year resolution is to quit smoking once and for all.



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Sadly, New Year resolutions often fail. The concept of New Year's resolutions apparently goes back around 4,000 years to the ancient Babylonians who celebrated the  new year in March, when crops were planted. 

Sadly after 4000 years many of us still don't have a clear idea of how to make our new year resolutions work - especially smokers - and what often happens is that after a few  failed resolutions, longtime smokers lose hope and no longer believe that they really can quit smoking. What they quit doing is to make New Years Resolutions, which is much easier than quitting smoking. Why repeat a failure and feel bad? 

After trying for many years it is easy to see how one can lose a little hope every year. As years of smoking pass by perhaps they might also became more worried and anxious about how they will manage to get through life without a cigarette.

Another fear for long term smokers, is that they start to think that they might be the only ones who cannot quit. They see others around them quitting one by one but they just can’t seem to do it. They start to feel convinced that they just don't have the willpower needed to quit.

All of this fear and worry is a myth. Anyone can quit. The fear and worry comes from their so-called “friend”, the cigarette. Yes, while smokers often think that cigarettes calm them and help them relax when ironically they are the things that end up making a smoker worried sick and scared to death.

Well, this willpower drain is just one of the sneaky ways that nicotine addiction afffects you when you smoke. Nicotine messes with our brain and drains our willpower which leaves smokers feeling small and weak-willed about quitting smoking.

Don't give up hope! At Stepbac we firmly believe that anyone can quit smoking - and what’s more you can quit anytime. A new year is a good time to quit, but really any day, any week and any month is just as good.

If others can quit smoking, then you can quit too. Never think and never believe that you do not have what it takes to stop smoking because you do! You just need to believe in yourself and learn how to quit.

Remember that smokers, just like you, do many incredible things in their life. They work hard, they earn promotions, they save money, they build houses, they raise children, they put them through college, they care for sick relatives, they do charity and community work, they lose loved ones, they have accidents, they make tough decisions, they overcome setbacks, they get up when they have been knocked down. Are smokers weak willed? No! Smokers have the same joys, sadness, fortune, misfortune, adversity and challenges as everyone else.

Do they overcome all life’s challenges because they smoke? Do cigarettes strengthen their willpower to help them overcome the tough times. No! Of course not. People use their own force of will, courage and character to face and overcome the daily challenges of life. Cigarettes don't help with this at all anymore than coffees or mars bars do.

Quit Smoking New Year Resolution

We get through tough times ourselves using our willpower and character. Do you really think, that if you did not smoke, your life would collapse and you would not be able to handle everything life throws at you. Of course not.

Think of all the things you accomplished before you started smoking. Many of us were in our teens when we started smoking. But before that we faced challenges at school and in our teen years. We faced them without cigarettes. Cigarettes don’t solve any problems or even help solve them. Cigarettes are a problem. Think of the non-smokers you know and ask yourself how they deal with the problems of life without the “comfort” of a cigarette.

They deal with them just fine without cigarettes because cigarettes do not solve problems. So believe that you can quit when you want and that when you do will have one less problem.

But to succeed in quitting you need two things. You need to want to quit and you need to know how to quit. We assume that most smokers eventually really want to quit because smoking is such a hassle not to mention being a health hazard.

Knowing how to quit smoking is really the key to success. You cannot learn to quit smoking by reading 5 quick tips online about how to quit smoking for 2018. We are not saying, it can't be done but you are making it harder for yourself by not taking a few hours to learn exactly how to quit.

Ask yourself this. Let's say you want to drive a car. Would you search Google for 5 quick tips on how to drive a car without passing a driving test. Or if you want to make a lasagne, would you search online for 10 tips for how make lasagne without a recipe? Probably not. You can’t make a lasagne just be deciding to make one. You can’t drive a car just by deciding to drive it. It's pretty much the same with quitting smoking.

Many people think they can quit just by deciding to quit. Well.. you can try that.. Just the same as you can try making a lasagne without the recipe. You probably won’t be successful. IT can be done, if you get the right instruction and the recipe. Then quitting smoking is like cooking lasagne or baking a cake; it’s easy when you have the recipe and know how to do it.

The “recipe” for learning how to quit smoking is in our book "Stepbac® from Smoking" Buy it today on Amazon in e-book version or in paperback. It’s written in a light easy-reader style with lots of diagrams to help understand how to quit smoking cold turkey. 

Then you can quit as a New year Resolution for 2018 or why not make another kind of resolution, a Better Life Resolution and quit today, or tomorrow.

Good luck and don’t forget to have faith in yourself. We know you can do it. You just need a little help, a little planning and then you too will be able to quit smoking once and for all.

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