How do you get rid of belly fat after 50? A new and simple way. Updated 2019

So can I lose stomach flab after 50. The answer is the same way as before 50. Here's how

Many of us pile on the pounds after 50! And it seems as if most of the fat lands on our belly!

The best way and the easiest way to get rid of belly fat after 50 and in middle age is to reduce your overall weight and to learn a simple way to control your eating habits.

The reason that we put on weight in middle age is that we overeat.

We eat more food than we need. We do that because food tastes so delicious (because it is loaded with sugar) and because we have access to food 24/7.

We are being manipulated in a variety of ways to eat too much unhealthy food.

Many people think losing weight is about going on a slimming diet - or hitting the gym every day. 

There is another simpler and more effective way which will keep you slim for the rest of your life. It's called Stepbac®

Use the Stepbac® method to learn a simple way to change all your unnatural overeating habits to a Stepbac® habit of stepping back from what we call "Candyfood" - by this we mean food stuffed with sugar which is most food these days.

With Stepbac® you will learn to eat less - that will help you control your weight and then with a little more daily movement you will be able to Stepbac® to your natural body weight.

Stepbac® from Overeating is simple to read and understand - it's written in plain language with plenty of diagrams to explain the science. 

This makes it fun to read - common sense and common science

It's available on Amazon for Kindle e-reader and in paperback

DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary

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