Does this sound right to you? Not to us.

An article by CNN in August 2020 is titled: How to make money in the pandemic: Invest in KitKats and Big Macs. 

This article highlights how people turned to comfort and indulgence food (what we call Candyfood in our book Stepbac from Overeating) during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

The stock market has made money off this trend because stocks in food companies went up.

So basically what happened is that the big food industry made big profits on sales and shares during the pandemic

That's interesting because in our opinion, they contribut in large part to the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic because decades of their low grade food and nefarious marketing methods are what helped make people unnaturally overweight which in turn has weakened people's immune systems.

it's a pity they did that because a strong immune system is what's needed to fight the virus.

So the food industry help make things worse. Then to top it all off, during lockdown, the food companies made even more money on sales and stock prices by selling more than usual of the same low quality processed food that made everyone overweight in the first place and thereby more vunerable to the virus.

Wow.. what a operation. Win-win for big food. Lose-lose for general health and the economy.

It doesn't sound morally right to us at Stepbac. How does the food industry sleep at night? 

We think it's time to stop eating low grade food, time to stop the food industry from tricking people into eating too much.

Read Stepbac from Overeating to find out how.

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