Covid-19 and Overweight - weight gain during lockdown confinement in UK and Spain

Daily Mail newspaper reported that two-thirds of Britons gained weight during lockdown

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According the Daily Mail website, a third of the British population gained half a stone or more (3kg or more) in the eight weeks of lockdown. Even though people were allowed an hour of daily exercise during the lockdown period. Read full DM article

The article also highlights that overweight or obesity was a risk factor according to NHS research. 

In El Pais newspaper in Spain reports a similar effect.  THey noted that Covid-19 home confinement had "left its mark on the scales and on citizens´ health."

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According to Spanish experts, the average weight gain in Spain during the 7 weeks of full lockdown and home confinement was estimated to be between two and five kilos. (1 kg is .45 US lbs) This is the physical health bill that citizens paid for the confinement period.

This sudden weight gain was due to the emotional stress of lockdown combined with economic worries and a lack of physical movement.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown weeks most Spanish citizens also increased their consumption of unhealthy products. Flour consumption doubled to 196%. Alcohol consumption went up by 57% and people spent more time online playing games, on social media and watching TV.

The El Pais article also quoted Albert Goday, section head of the Endocrinology and Nutrition service at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona as, as saying "The fight against obesity is a house of cards. In a few days you can lose what you had achieved in months”

By this we think he meant that it takes months to lose weight and only a few days of unhealthy living to gain it back and more.

Read full El Pais article

Stepbac opinion

First, we want to say that our thoughts are with the many victims of Covid-19 in intensive care units and the families of those who have passed. May they remain remain alive in hearts and memories. 

Furthermore, kindly bear in mind when reading our opinion, that the goal of the Stepbac method is to help people of any weight to better understand and manage their food and eating habits so that they perhaps take back control of their weight and hopefully stay at a healthly and natural weight.

So our opinion is that it has become pretty plain during Covid-19 that many of the hardest hit victims of the virus, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have excess body weight.

Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory disease and a large size body impairs breathing and weakens the immune system.

In other news reports apparentlyl Boris Johnson privately is of the opinion, that he came close to death because of his girth and is now taking steps both to improve his health and will perhaps support legislation to help reduce overweight in the populatation.

In contrast to the general public, Carl and Peter Williams, the creators of Stepbac method and authors of the Stepbac from Overeating, lost 2 kilo about 4lbs) in the first two weeks of the home confinement - without noticing.

This is not bragging, we're just telling it like it was.  This is what happened.

We´re brothers and we share an apartment near Barcelona. in Spain. We've been food shopping and eating using our Stepbac method for over 3 years now.

Using Stepbac enables us control our daily food shopping habits and eating habits. What does that mean because surely everyone controls what they buy and eat.

Yes and no.  Most people are tricked by tempting offers and cravings into buying more food than they need to eat.

We can eat whatever we want - Stepbac's not a short term weigh loss program, but what Stepbac does is that it helps one understand how to avoid being tricked into buying too much food, it helps avoid being tricked by cravings and "fake hunger" caused by sugar and it helps create new habits which make it easy to eat only what the body needs.

All this mean that you control your shopping, eating habits and eliminate snacking habits. And that means that gradually one's body weight becomes the natural weight for one's body to function well.

So on average, we don't eat more than our bodies need to function well and stay at our most natural and healthy weight. 

We only buy food for a day or two: we only cook small portions and we never snack inbetween meals.

Most people in the UK and Spain gained weight during lockdown because they don't have enough control of their own eating and snacking habits - and they don't have a method to control what they shop for, what they cook or how much they eat and snack. 

They might think they decide themselves and make their own decisions but they are being tricked into almost all their food shopping and eating choices. 

That explains why they gained weight during the lockdown.

In the beginning of the seven week complete shelter-at-home confinement in Spain ( no walks allowed at all - only for short essential shopping trips) everyone hoarded toilet paper.

Later it turned out, that the only thing there was a shortage of, was flour because most people spent the lockdown baking from dawn to dusk - only stopping "bakemania" to watch "The Tiger King" on Netflix and make entertaining TikTok dances and stunts.

As a friend remarked, baking didn't cause overweight in the old days of big families. Back then a cake was divided into eight or 10 slices.

Nowadays the cake molds are bigger, the cake ingredients are more unhealthy and there are fewer members of the household to eat them. Families are smaller but cakes are bigger.

What seems apparent both during the UK and the Spanish lockdown is that food shopping habits, eating and snacking habits are easily controlled by the food industry.

In plain language, the food industry has most of the control of how much people eat.  The food industry tricks people into eating as much as possible. And finally the food industry doesn't care about if overeating is unhealthy. 

Carl and I, as Stepbaccers, didn't put on weight during lockdown - we both lost weight and without much exercise.

This  happened becase we both have 100% control of our shopping and eating habits, which means we have 100% control of our own body weight. 

A few years ago, in our mid-forties, we started to lose control of our shopping and eating habits, but we then we changed this - and we took back control when we invented Stepbac and started using it. 

We discovered that the reason for our gradual weight gain was basically the food industry tricking  us into eating too a little too much every day. After a few years the weight starts to pile on..

We reversed this and took back control. We did this by replacing the food shopping and eating habits that the food industry would like us to have, with a single new habit, of taking a "Stepbac" from overshopping for food, overeating and oversnacking.

We changed the way we shop for food and the way we eat food so that we are in control of what we buy at the supermarket or in cafes and restaurants and we are in control of what we eat. 

That's why we lost weight during the Covid-19 lockdown in Spain, while most people gained weight.

We were already using our Stepbac habit and we just kept using it. It worked - even though we actually we had a little more food in the fridge than usual because of the lockdown shopping restrictions.

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