How do I quit smoking immediately?

How can I quit smoking immediately? There is a way. 

Can you quit smoking immediately without treatments and without using nicotine replacement products such as e-cigarettes, patches, gum, or spray?

Yes. That is called quitting cold turkey. And it can be done using the Stepbac® method

Read the book Stepbac® from Smoking, which is now available at low cost during the coronavirus pandemic and during 2020, and learn how to quit smoking immediately without medication or other treatments - which is quitting cold turkey.

Stepbac® from Smoking explains how cigarettes and smoking tricks your brain to keep you addicted to nicotine.

Armed with that information about why smoking is an addiction, then Stepbac® from Smoking can each you the Stepbac® action which is a way to "un-trick" your brain and quit smoking immediately without any nicotine replacement products.

So no e-cigarettes, no cutting down, no vaping, no patches, no gum. Just give up smoking immediately.

All this is explained in simple detail and with over 40 clear diagrams in the book 'Stepbac® from Smoking' 

It's available on Amazon world-wide for Kindle and e-readers and also in paperback.

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