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Reviews “Stepbac from Smoking” quit smoking book.

Thank you to all our readers and congratulations if you stopped smoking.

if you didn't stop smoking after reading our book and using the Stepbac method, then you are welcome to contact the authors for personal free support and advice before posting your review.

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We are confident that “Stepbac from Smoking” will become one of the most effective and popular quit smoking books.

Not many readers leave reviews. We understand that. We don't leave many book reviews ourselves.

Like many others, we assume that someone else will write reviews and that our opinion does not matter too much.

But your opinion matters very much. And a review of a few lines is more than enough. Or just leaving stars will make a difference. 

Thank you. Please note we only want honest reviews, but not everyone understands the Stepbac method at first glance.

So please, if you don't agree with the book or feel it didn't work for you, before rushing to post a negative review, take a minute to contact us and we will be happy to help you personally by explaining in more depth how the Stepbac method works. 

Kindly remember too, that we know from personal feedback and reviews, that Stepbac has helped some people stop smoking, but everyone one is different so what worked for someone else, might not work for you. But don't assume that Stepbac won't work for anyone just because it didn't work for you. That's not fair.

Again, thanks for reading and reviewing “Stepbac from Smoking” and we sincerely wish you a smokefree, long and wonderfully healthy life!