Buy a Certified Signed Gift Edition of “Stepbac® from Smoking”

Help someone stop smoking with a Certified Signed Gift Edition of the book “Stepbac® from Smoking" with a personalised message from the authors.

A Certified Signed Edition of “Stepbac® from Smoking” has the signature and a personal message from the creators of Stepbac® and authors of“Stepbac® from Smoking” Carl Williams and Peter Williams.

Your gift book will be stamped, numbered with have date of signing and, if you wish, it can also include a short personal message written by the authors - and you can include your own personal message and that of others in your family group.

This customised gift might help someone you care for to read the book and give up smoking. You can read more about this in our article "how to help someone quit smoking."

The message you are sending to the smoker is that you love them - and you want to help them stop smoking.

Instead of nagging and pestering you are making a special effort and all you are asking in return is that they read a short book.

In our opionion this might encourage a smoker to read the book and use the Stepbac® method in the book to quit smoking.

Remember you are not asking them to stop smoking. You are only asking them to read the book called “Stepbac® from Smoking".

We think that this quite a special and unique gift which just might make the recipient of the gift realise that this is important and that might be enough to make them quit smoking.

If they care for you as much as you care for them, then perhaps they will at least promise to read the book.

And then they might be able to stop smoking. You could also suggest reading it together - as a couple or a group project.

It's worth a try

A Certified Signed Edition by the authors costs just €25 excluding shipping.

Delivery time can vary but usually within 3 weeks.

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