UK vaping. Disposable vapes to be banned for children's health, government says

UK vaping. Disposable vapes to be banned for children's health, government says

Disposable vapes are set to be banned as part of plans to tackle the rising number of young people taking up vaping, the government says. Measures will also be introduced to prevent vapes being marketed at children and to target under-age sales.

Source article in BBC News

Stepbac opinion:

It is high time for governments to take decisive action against the prevalence of vaping. Tobacco companies profit from the sale of addictive products, with nicotine being the primary addictive ingredient. Whether through traditional tobacco products, vaping, or other forms like chewing tobacco, big tobacco is completely indifferent to the  means as long as it retains a lucrative and legal business by tricking people of all ages into addiction. Whilst claiming to be anti-smoking, big tobacco now actively promotes vaping as a healty alternative, thus maintaining profits while appearing socially responsible. The truth is that both vaping and smoking are inherently harmful and addictive and should be banned entirely. The likelihood of this occurring in the near future is highly improbable,  so in the meantime take control of your own life and stop smoking using the simple Stepbac method. Read the book; 'Stepbac from Smoking.' It explains the four things that make people keep smoking/vaping/chewing nicotine - and then teaches one simple way to stop the addiction.

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