How long does it take to stop smoking?

How long does it take to stop smoking? How long it takes to quit smoking depends on the method you choose to quit. Read on.. Many try to quit smoking using willpower. This is not generally the best way.

Many people think it's the "natural way" but for many smokers quitting smoking by using their willpower can potentially end up being a misery and life-long battle against cigarettes and the nicotine addictions.

Even in the periods when they don't smoke or smoke very little, the old smoking habits, cravings and addiction caused by nicotine dependency will ambush them time and time again. It's a life of misery battling cravings and missing smoking.

There are much better ways. So understanding and choosing the right way to quit smoking is very important

Often the sad reality of the smoker who thinks "I can stop anytime I want" is that they never really manage to stop smoking entirely. During the periods of smoking less or not at all they miss smoking and are a bit miserable about the fact that they had to quit.

Over the years the process of quitting could become a marathon of misery.

This is especially sad, in our opinion. Had these "willpower" quitting smokers chosen to get just a little help, for example, by reading a book like "Stepbac® from Smoking", they could have avoided a lot of misery.

For the smokers who get a little help and advice about how to quit, the story has a much happier ending.

For them quitting is a effortless leap over a low hurdle to cross the winning line in style. The secret of quitting is that if you know how to stop, then you will rarely look back and you will find it much easier to stay smoke-free.

You will forget you were a smoker.

Why do some people seem to quit smoking effortlessly and others struggle for a lifetime? Is the answer that some smokers are less addicted to nicotine than others? Nicotine is the drug in tobacco that creates an addiction. So are heavy smokers are more addicted to nicotine and do they need more help to quit smoking than light smokers and social smokers who only smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes a day.

We don't think so. Social smokers are still smokers and still addicted to nicotine. If they want to quit completely, they will face the same withdrawel symptoms that heavy smokers do, when trying to quit.

Many pregnant women, for example, who are light smokers, struggle to quit completely in the pregnancy months and start smoking again after giving birth.

The answer to the question, how long it takes to quit smoking, is related to the method that you choose to quit. How you choose to quit can make a big difference to how successfully you can stay off the tobacco in future.

Like most things in life, quitting smoking is easy when you know how. Unfortunately most smokers and non-smokers don't know anything about smoking, nicotine or addiction.

They don't know how cigarettes and nicotine addiction affect your body and mind and so they are quite helpless when it comes to quitting. They don't know how to quit the right way. 

They assume that because they were able to start smoking by themselves just by lighting a cigarette, that they can stop by themselves just by putting the cigarette out and not lighting the next one. It's not that simple.

Smoking is an addiction - not a choice. If it was a choice - like choosing to go Spain on holiday rather than Greece, then anyone would be able to stop smoking, when they wanted.

As most smokers will tell you, then can't choose to stop. Starting smoking was a choice - stopping smoking is not. 

So back to the question. How long does it take to quit the smoking habit? If you get some help, like using the simple method in the book Quit smoking book - Stepbac® from Smoking then it will take the few hours that it takes to read the book.

The Quit smoking book - Stepbac® from Smoking explains why you started smoking and what the four things are that make you keep smoking. Then it gives you one method to quit smoking. You can even smoke while you read the book. At the end of the book you are invited to smoke your last cigarette and then you will be an non-smoker.

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