How can a book help me quit smoking?

How can a book help me quit smoking?
Find out why a good quit smoking book helps understand quitting smoking.There are many quit smokng books - hundreds of them.

Most of them are just a collection of a bit feeble tips that are not really much help. Quitting tips like 'pick a quit date' or 'avoid situations in which you usually smoke' are not much help.

If you are a heavy smoker,  then you want to smoke often and you can't avoid all the situations that make you feel like smoking.

Sorry to be a killjoy, but a collection of tips is not much help.

The thing is that there's no magic way to quit smoking just by waving a wand. There's no hocus-pocus formula or magic pill. You have to understand why you are addicted, how nicotine works, how you were fooled by nicotine and how you can 'unfool' yourself and change smoking habits to non-smoking habits. 

All that is easy to understand but you can't fit it on a single page on a smartphone. 

The good news is that there are quit smoking books that work. 'Stepbac® from Smoking' is one of the "best quit smoking books" because it actually teaches you everything you need to know to quit.

It tells you why you started smoking, how smoking and nicotine affects your brain, how cigarettes and nicotine create habits and cravings - and most importantly, the 'Stepbac® from Smoking' book and method teaches you how you can replace the smoking habit with a new non-smoking habit. And without gaining weight.

Smoking is a much more complex than you think. It's easy to start smoking but it is not easy to quit without knowing how to do it. A book like “Stepbac® from Smoking” will teach you how to stop. You will probably find it easy to quit when you have the information and tools to quit which the book gives you.

Can you quit without help? Without reading a book - or using a method like 'Stepbac® from Smoking'? It's not easy just using willpower. The thing about willpower is that willpower doesn't really work very well against addicitions.

Willpower works well for other decisions, like deciding that  "I am not eating Brussels sprouts any longer because I don't like them." Very few people are addicted to sprouts because they do not have any addictive substances in them. 

For a nicotine addiction quitting "cold turkey" using willpower kinda sucks.

Without knowing how smoking and the drug nicotine affects your body and mind it is actually almost impossible to quit using willpower alone.

But no problem. Just get a little help. Get the book 'Stepbac® from Smoking'. Read it. It takes a few hours. It's fun, fast and easy to read. Then you will learn and know how to quit smoking.

Remember that for a book like “Stepbac® from Smoking” to work, it is important that you want to quit. If you don't really want to quit, then it probably won't help much.

Young people who have just starting smoking, probably still feel very adult and cool when they smoke (feeling adult and cool is of the main reasons why most people start smoking)

Smokers who still feel cool smoking probably don't want to quit - they still think they 'enjoy' smoking. So even if they got 10 copies of “Stepbac® from Smoking” for their birthday, they would probably not be interested in  reading it.
But if you are a long time smoker and really feel that smoking is no longer cool but a hassle and an annoying habit, then “Stepbac® from Smoking” is perfect for you and will help you quit smoking forever.

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