Netflix to curb smoking in movies and TV

A report founded that the Netflix hit TV show "Stranger Things," had smoking in every episode of the first 2 seasons.

Stepbac® applauds this decision. As we point out in our book “"Stepbac® from Smoking," movies, TV and pop icons play a major role in persuading teens that smoking is cool, that smoking helps calm nerves or help solve problems.

All these myths have been busted by science years ago. Smoking is not cool and does not help to solve any problems. If you have a problem then smoking is just another problems, not a solution to existing problems.
We don't think there should be smoking in any TV or movies, not even in historical productions.

Some might say, but Churchill smoked cigars and so cigar smoking should be a part of a movie about him.

Well, Churchill went to the toilet every day too but that's not shown in any movie about Churchill we have ever seen.

Whether Churchill smoked or not, was not relevant to decisions he made that changed the course of the war or the history of the world, in our opinion.

Smoking did not make Churchill more wise or interesting. That he often held a cigar means nothing. He often wore a hat or a waistcoat. Did that change his character. 

Sorry, smoking has had its day and now deserves to be removed from all media. it's a con from start to finish. A trick that is costing lives.

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