Fox news story: "Social media apps are 'Big Tobacco for our brains' "

how to stop smartphone addiction - use the Stepbac method to learn how to control your phone use
How to stop phone addiction in naturaly way- Stepbac method
Fox News reports that and "Ex-Google staffer warns social media, apps are 'Big Tobacco for our brains' Tristan Harris is key figure on hit Netflix documentary 'The Social Dilemma'" Read the full story here

In this new story a former Google employee Tristan Harris talks about "how dangerous technology can be and is quoted as saying 

“Three billion people have a brain implant that’s a remotely controlled brain, because -- especially in the coronavirus times -- we are relying on these things to makes sense of what’s reality out there in the world,” Harris said. “They have become the fabric for our sense-making and the fabric of our choice-making, the fabric of how children develop.”
Stepbac from cell phone addiction
This is exactly what the writers of “Stepbac from Smartphones” have been saying for years. We wrote this book before the Nexflix documentary because is obvious to us that billions of people are victims of smartphone addiction.

Being addicted to social media and smartphones not only wastes vast amounts of your precious time, but also influences and change human behaviour. In short, the phones can change your opinions and behaviour without you knowing. 

“Stepbac from Smartphones” is a popular book that explains clearly and simply but in detail, how you are being tricked into becoming addicted to your smartphone. The book does what many other books and experts fail to do: it shows you the way to stop the addiction. There are plenty of experts out there who keep telling you to cut down on your smartphone use. And that's good. But how? Few people have an effective method that's fast, easy and works.

“Stepbac from Smartphones” tells you how. No treatments, no apps, no nonsense. Just read the book. It's written in simple and plain language with loads of illustrations to help explain

So read this book today and learn how to take back control of your smartphone and stop your cell phone addiction.

After reading the book you will be able to use your smartphone as a tool, not an addictive toy. Remember.. you're a human, not a puppet. Cut the strings from the smartphone and appmakers into your brain and get back into the driving seat of your life. Then you will be able to think for yourself and live your own life, instead of a puppet life!

This is the lastest in the series of popular Stepbac books. It's so easy to understand how you are being tricked into a cell phone addiction that you will be amazed that you are so easily fooled. But it's just as easy to get back in control of your smartphone.

Use the Stepbac method to change your phone addiction habits to take back control of your time, your mind and your life.

It's very easy to cut down on using social media and smartphones, when you understand how easy it is to change the habits that the cell phones have created. Stepbac explain how habits and cravings work and explains the specific habits that smartphone and appmakers create in your brain to fuel a cellphone addiction. 

Using the Stepbac® method, you can learn to to control your smartphone and how to make it a useful tool to make life better - instead of an addictive timewasting toy that makes life harder.

Order this book today and spend this 2021 with humans and not with machines!

Order this book today and spend this Christmas looking at your family and not your phone!

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