“Humans are worth more staring at screens”

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“Humans are worth more staring at screens”
In a 2020 opinion piece in the Spanish newspaper El Pais, by Justin Rosenstein, one of the creators of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button in 2008, he says, “Because humans are worth more staring at screens than out living rich lives, platforms keep us staring

Justin Rosenstein is a leading voice in the 2020 American docudrama “The Social Dilemma”,that exposes the far reaching implications on society of social networking, with high ranking tech creators like Justin Rosenstein warning of the impact of their own creations.

Rosenstein´s article in El Pais talks about how the technology industry perhaps set out with good intentions to make products than make life better, but exposes how profits were put over people at the expense of mental health and society.

The full passage in which the headline of our article appears, reads as follows:

“prioritizing profit at the expense of the public good is not new. Because trees are worth more money dead than alive, people cut down trees. Because whales are worth more dead than alive, people kill whales. And because humans are worth more staring at screens than out living rich lives, platforms keep us staring.”

Read the full article here. Then read our book “Stepbac from Smartphones” if you feel you spend too much time on your smartphone. What Rosenstein is trying to tell you in the documentary and in this article and many others, is that smartphones are deliberately designed to hack into your brain and trick you into becoming addicted, so that you will spend hours staring at your phone.

Why? The answer is that the more time you spending looking at your phone, the more money the smartphone and appmakers make. Rosenstein is right. He should know. He helped make it that way. He is telling us this now because cellphone addiction can really mess up your life. What Rosenstein doesn’t tell us, is how how to break the addiction. He doesn't have the solution. We do. Stepbac does. 

Stepbac from Smartphones will tell you how you are being tricked and teach you a simple way to break the addiction by replacing habits. Think its going to be hard? Think again. It’s easy. Read the book and take back control of your mind, your life, your mental health.
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