What can I do to reduce global warming?

As an individual person, what can I do to reduce global warming?

Big Question. Simple answer. Well done, for wanting to do something to help fight global warming.

There are many small and easy things we all can do to fight global warming and climate change

One of the most important things you can do to reduce global warming is to have healthy eating habits.

By this we mean that you can learn healthy eating habits to stay in control of your natural weight which means you eat less and stay at slim natural weight.

Food production is a major cause of greenhouse gas emission.

A recent study concluded that the global food and agricultural systems produce more than 25% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. 

Obesity and overweight is also global problem. Every country in the world has problems with overweight and obesity (read more)

So, if you are a little overweight, which many people are, then you can fix two problems by learning healthy eating habits.

Learning healthy eating habits helps reduce global warming. In simple terms if all overweight people, starting eating the natural amount of food they need to be healthy, then food production would fall and so would greenhouse gas emission

The added benefit is that eating natural amounts will give you back control of your body weight; you will feel better; you will be healthier and you will probably be able to enjoy a longer and happier life

How do I get healthy eating habits?

Do I become vegetarian? Do I learn to cook? What should I do?

First things first. Before anything else you need to understand what it means to "eat right."

The reason half or more of the planet are overweight is that the food industry is manipulating and tricking us into buy and eating too much food; we are overeating and that makes us overweight.

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