Obesity Spain - Article El Pais

How many people are overweight and obese in Spain?

Obesity Spain - 80% of men and 55% of women in Spain will be overweight by 2030 says study

According to a 2019 article from El Pais, a leading Spanish newspaper, 80% of men and 55% of women in Spain will be overweight by 2030 says study

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The article in El Pais newspaper on 10th January 2019 states that:

"An investigation by the Mar de Barcelona hospital has found that 80% of men and 55% of women will be overweight by 2030. If the current trend continues, the researchers write, within 11 years more than 27 million people in Spain will be overweight."

"In 11 years there will be more than 27 million people in the country with excess weight or obesity, which will mean an additional cost to the health system of €3 billion"

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What do creators of Stepbac® method think?

We think that it's indicative of the power of the modern food industry and their sales and marketing methods, that even in Spain which is famous for having one of the healthiest food diets in the world, called the Mediterranean diet, people are unable to maintain a natural diet and eat a natural amount of food.

Even in Spain where we have access to cheap and healthy food and we have mild climate that makes it easy to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle ordinary people overeat every day and are becoming overweight and obese.  

This confirms the premise of our easy-reader book “Stepbac® from Overeating“ is that we are being tricked every day into eating too much by the food industry. 

“Stepbac® from Overeating“ explains the four main things that make you want to eat too much.

Then teaches you one thing, the Stepbac® action, to help you stop overeating.

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