Overweight children. Helping Your Overweight Child

First a little introduction information. These days, quite often one sees a family with young children, under 10 years of age, and the children are significantly overweight.

In many cases, not all, the parents are overweight too. We are saddened when we see this and we’ll tell you why. First let us say that this a complex issue and one should be very wary of generalizations. Each family is different, and people’s circumstances differ widely of course.

We don’t want to assign any blame to the parents or children, because they are not to blame. The food industry is to blame for the current weight pandemic.

While people tend to want to blame and shame an individual for their lack of weight control, but they are not to blame and we want to shame food not fat.

Even accomplished and successful people like, for example, British PM Boris Johnson, cannot stay in control his own body weight. It's not his fault. It's because he’s been tricked into a severe food addiction.

Overweight parents have been tricked in the same way and their addiction leaves them unable to plan or control their own food shopping and eating habits - or that of their children.

We want to mention that generally in the past most people were slim in childhood and early adulthood - and only start to put on weight when they approach 40ies as their life becomes more sedentary and their food shopping and eating habits become more ingrained.

So, it is very saddening to see such young kids already experiencing discomfort due to overweight at an early age. Kids have no say in the matter of food and upbringing and we feel they should be protected more.

How to help your overweight kids

The best solution for the whole family is to change food shopping and eating habits.

I would definitely recommend that overweight parents read the easy and fun book “Stepbac from Overeating” (we are happy to donate a free copy if we are able to) so that they are better equipped to shield their kids from the relentless attack by food companies direct at children every day.

In a better world we would like to see the food industry massively regulated for their blatant pursuit of profit over people and their complete disregard for the misery and healthy suffering that overweight kids will have later in life.

Please inform yourself to be able to solve this lifestyle health problem. Read Stepbac from Overeating. Spread the word not the weight and please support our work if you can. You can support us buy buying a paid book or making a donation.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading

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