What is Candyfood? Definition of Candyfood

What is Candyfood? Definition of Candyfood.

The word Candyfood was first used (to our knowledge) by authors Carl and Peter Williams, who invented the word for their 2016 book "Stepbac from Overeating" published on Amazon.

Their definition of "Candyfood" was food that is not proper food but "candy for adults".

Candyfood is ultra processed food that contains an excess of suger which has been added to create fake hunger cravings. 

In other words Candyfood is not "real" food that the human body can effectively use as fuel, but food that is low on nutrition value and more like candy or sweets for adults. 

Carl and Peter make the claim in their popular weight control book that much of the "food" in modern supermarkets is "Candyfood" which is a major contributor to overweight and bad health caused by overweight and obesity.

Many health writers use a term called "comfort food" which is defined as food that one eats to feel comfort or alleviate stress rather than to receive nutrition.

We don't like this term becuase "comfort food" seems to imply that it's acceptable to eat food for comfort only even if your body doesn't need to eat. Comfort food is a term invented by the food industry justify overeating.

There is no justification for eating as comfort. One should only eat for sustenance. Of course one can take pleasure when eating for sustenance but eating only for comfort is like drinking for comfort. It's a bad habit and possibly an addiction. 

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