What's the secret to losing weight and staying slim?

The secret is to learn how to replace all the bad overeating habits with one healthy habit that will help you take back control of your weight

This secret can be found in the book “Stepbac® from Overeating“  which is based on the “Stepbac® from Overeating“  method.

“Stepbac® from Overeating“ teaches you a simple way to change your daily overeating habits and take a “Stepbac®“ to your natural and healthy weight.

“Stepbac® from Overeating“ explains four main things that make you want to eat too much and teaches you one thing, the Stepbac® action, to help you stop overeating.

“Stepbac® from Overeating“ is based on modern research but is written in plain language using simple terms with step-by-step explanations and over 40 illustrations making it fun, fast and easy to read and understand.

The Stepbac® method is a way for people to take a personal "step back" to a time in their lives before acquiring bad lifestyle habits which now affect their health and happiness in a negative way.

Weight control book “Stepbac® from Overeating“

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Individual results may vary and Stepbac is cognitive behavioural method that requires some willpower from reader.

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