Obesity causes more cancer than smoking in UK

Obesity causes more cancer than smoking in UK

It has been widely reported in British news and media on 3rd July 2019, that new research shows that obesity now causes more cancer cases than smoking.

Overweight in UK is now the cause of 4000 more cases of bowel, kidney, ovarian and liver cancer than these types of cancer caused by smoking.

29% of British adults are obese which is twice as many as the number of smokers. 29% is also twice the number of obese adults in Britain in 1993.

Britain also has the highest rates of obesity in western Europe with higher rises than even the USA.

A third of UK children are overweight or obese when then leave primary

All these depressing numbers are in a new study by Cancer Research Uk.

Stepbac opinion

Research of this type shows that being overweight is not healthy and being overweight should not be condoned as a "lifestyle" choice.

The sad part about being overweight is that almost everyone overweight has been tricked into eating too much.

Other reports by Cancer Research UK highlight the role that the food industry plays in making people eat too much

There are countless documentaies about the food industry and their methods

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