How to quit smoking Cold Turkey 2019? It's easy when you know how to quit Cold Turkey!  You can learn how in a simple way!

How to quit smoking Cold Turkey? To quit cold turkey means giving up smoking by deciding to stop and then just not lighting a cigarette ever again. Quitting smoking cold turkey generally also means quitting without any help.

This means without using what are called nicotine replacement products, for example, nicotine patches or gum, or therapy like acupuncture or hypnosis.  Many smokers would prefer to stop cold turkey because it sounds like the best way. The Cold turkey way is fast, cheap - and even pretty cool.

However it is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. Some people do manage to quit cold turkey by themselves. If you ask them how they did it, they will usually smile and reply that it was so easy and that they just decided to quit!

Well that is fine for those few lucky people, but for most  smokers it is not that easy to just decide to quit smoking. Many smokers who try to quit cold turkey without any help or preparation might succeed in quitting cold turkey and stop smoking for a few hours or days even or weeks, but then the often old smoking urges, cravings and habits might overpower them and they find themselves smoking again. Sometimes they even seem to smoke more after trying to quit cold turkey – as if they are trying to make up for the cigarettes they missed.

But Cold Turkey is the best way and everyone can quit cold turkey. It is much easier though if you know how to do it. It is not easy to quit cold turkey if you don't know how. Go ahead and try it now if you want. Just don’t light another cigarette and you will have quit cold turkey.

Did it work? Fantastic if your answer is yes. But most smokers just can’t do it. If it was that simple there would probably not be millions of smokers or hundreds of quit smoking books and method to quit help quit smoking.

However you can quit smoking cold turkey with just a little help and without having to cut back first or switch to nicotine patches, gum or to vaping and e-cigarettes. To quit cold turkey just read the new quit smoking book - "Stepbac® from Smoking". When you almost get to the end you will be asked to light your final cigarette, smoke it and then with the information in the book and the Stepbac® method, you will probably never smoke again.

This kind of cold turkey is really the best way to quit smoking because you will be quitting cold turkey, so without any help, but only after you have learned how to quit cold turkey by reading the Stepbac® book. You will not need nicotine patches, you will not need to cut back, no chewing nicotine gum for months or even years and no therapy.

Read the "Stepbac® from Smoking" book and then you will know exactly how to quit cold turkey and you will find it much easier to quit cold turkey and you will have a much bigger chance of quitting cold turkey.

How does the book help you? Our Stepbac® from Smoking book tells you about the 4 things that make you keep smoking and then the book gives you 1 simple method, the Stepbac® method, to quit smoking.

With the Stepbac® information and Stepbac® method we are confident that you will find it much easier to quit cold turkey. You will know how to quit cold turkey and you will know what to do to avoid falling back into former smoking habits later in life.

The best thing is that you won’t gain weight when you quit smoking because when you use the Stepbac® method you will not be replacing cigarettes with snacks. It’s a bit complex to explain the entire quit smoking book "Stepbac® from Smoking" in this article so we suggest you try it for yourself.

It’s a quick and easy read in a clear style which is easy to understand and there are 40 illustrations and diagrams to help explain everything too. It should not take long to read and at under 10 euros, it is probably less that a pack of cigarettes in most countries.


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