What is the best way to quit smoking cold turkey 2017? Read more about a new and simple method to quit cold turkey this New Year

“I quit but I miss smoking so much”. Help me please! Missing smoking is something many ex-smokers seem to experience. Maybe we can help!

Cold turkey is best way to quit smoking, a new study in 2016 suggests. New research study finds that cold turkey has a better long term result.

Quitting smoking is easier than you think. Often smokers think they need to get ready to quit. Be in better shape, have more enerty or be mentally prepared for the "hardship" of not smoking. It's not true. You already have what it takes to stop smoking. 

Smoking facts are mostly Doom and Gloom. So we won't focus on the usual smoking facts in this article. If you use Google you will be able to find many gloomy smoking facts. 

The Stepbac® smoking cessation method is a modern and unique method to quit smoking that uses recent research and new thinking and methods to effectively teach smokers how to quit smoking

“Stepbac® from Smoking” is a new Quit Smoking book published in 2016. This new book introduces a new, simple way to quit smoking with step-by-step explanations and illustrations.

How to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight. The new Quit Smoking book - Stepbac® from Smoking - will show you how to quit smoking without weight gain. 

What is Stoptober? Stoptober is a 28-day smoke-free challenge in the United Kingdom. It is part of Smokefree, which is a public health campaign initiated and supported by Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health in the UK.

How to quit smoking cold turkey? That is a good question. Quitting smoking cold turkey is something that many smokers wish they could do. Many smokers know or have heard of ex-smokers who claim that they quit cold turkey. 

How long does it take to quit smoking cold turkey?

There are many quit smoking books on the market. We think our new book published called “Stepbac® from Smoking” is one of the best new quit smoking books for 2017. 

How to quit smoking cold turkey without gaining weight. It's easy when you know how.

How long it takes to quit smoking often depends on which method you used to quit. 

Disclaimer: The “Stepbac® from Smoking” self-help book and the Stepbac® method to quit smoking provide advice, motivation and instructions for a simple physical action that can assist you in making a desired change in a specific area of your lifestyle.

How can a book help me quit smoking? A book about quitting smoking can give you the exact information you need to help you quit smoking. 

Helping others to quit is not as easy as one thinks.

What is quitting cold turkey? How to quit smoking cold turkey? The term cold turkey is generally considered to mean that one stops doing something without help and only by making a personal decision to stop.